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10 rock + metal bands that started out as Christians but aren’t anymore


Do you have a favorite Previously Christian group? After all, Christian music is big business, but many artists who started in this field eventually chose to leave this side of entertainment.

So what drives a singer or a band to give up the soul of Christian rock?

Taking the musical exodus as a whole, it appears that several members of Christian rock and metal bands have moved away from the doctrine to which they had grown accustomed. But the story of all the artists involved is not so cut and dried.

Yet a similar narrative pops up in several rock subgenres. When it comes to mainstream rock, Evanescence is a band started with a religious angle that dropped out once they found success. In indie rock, Peter the Lion conductor David Bazan struggled with his gospel upbringing through music for years before finally coming to terms with his disbelief.

Punk and metal also have many artists who have moved away from Christianity after initially going for a godly purpose. Take the longtime pop-punkers MxPx, for example, or the brutal riffers of metalcore Gideon. Both have left the church for good, as far as their music is concerned.

Then there’s Underoath, who said dropping the Christian label after two whole decades in a God-fearing way was one of the best things they’ve done as a band. And there are others who have chosen to go this route.

So what’s your favorite ex-Christian band? Scroll down to see 10 who successfully quit the musical faith.

10 Rock + Metal Bands That Started Out Being Christians But Are Not Anymore

There is the Father, the Son, the Spirit… and the rock. But not all rock and metal bands that started out as Christians stay that way, as in the following examples.

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