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10 Weird Moments From The Rock’s WWE Career We Completely Forgot About


The rock is one of the most famous stars in the world, but many people still associate him with professional wrestling. WWE saw Rock become one of the most important talents in company history before moving to Hollywood as a successful actor. Rock has plenty of iconic WWE moments that are discussed looking back at his career, but there are memories that get lost.

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Any talent in WWE to be in as many segments and matches as The Rock will find its way into weird storylines. Rock made some of those moments work, while others were unsalvageable. Each of the memorabilia in question shows just how savage wrestling can be, even for the biggest stars. The Rock forgot the following weird WWE moments over time.


ten Getting booed while accepting Raw’s 10th anniversary award

WWE had a great idea for a special live awards show celebrating Raw’s 10th anniversary at the restaurant WWF New York. The Rock received an award for his memorable promos, but he was on the set of another movie in early 2003.

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New York fans booed Rock loudly during a pre-recorded video mocking other wrestlers and accepting his award. Rock reportedly pitched his idea for the Hollywood Rock character after that wild moment of fans booing him for silly reasons for wanting to expand his career.

9 KMA match with Billy Gunn

WWE was trying to make Billy Gunn a main event heel when he won the King of the Ring tournament in 1999. Many winners moved on to a bigger schedule after beginning their rise in the image of the main event like Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Gunn’s big chance has come Summer Slam 1999 in the semi-main spot against The Rock. The stipulation of a “kiss my ass” match led to Rock winning and having Billy kiss a tall woman’s behind instead. This whole scenario was weird and just took away Gunn’s slight chance of recovering.

8 Flo Rida concert before entering WM 28

The hype for Wrestle Mania 28 helped set a WWE PPV buy rate record thanks primarily to The Rock vs. John Cena dream match. WWE did everything to make the match matter, whether it was having a full year of building or creating some personal drama.

However, one polarizing move featured Cena and Rock, both having musical artists performing several songs before their entrance. Machine Gun Kelly was booed off the building for showing Cena love. The Rock may have had the weirder entrance yet of a shirtless Flo Rida rapping several songs before Rock’s music was played.

seven Mark Henry defeats him in a singles PPV match

WWE ended the Nation of Domination faction in 1998 by turning the face of The Rock. Fans just loved Rock’s promos too much to boo him, and it sparked his character change. D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry remained heels in feuding with Rock after the band ended.

A shocking PPV finish saw Henry pin Rock with interference from Brown at In your house: the day of judgment. Rock was known for taking more pins and net losses than any of the other all-time greats. Henry didn’t even get much out of it, as he wasn’t ready for a big push just yet.

6 Help Eugene resist the resistance

Eugene became a heavily pushed face of WWE during the first year of the character’s creation on WWE television. Various heels like Triple H, Eric Bischoff and other big names tried to manipulate or use Eugene’s lack of conscience against him.

The Rock made one of his surprise returns in 2004 to help Eugene in a segment where heel team La Resistance bullied him. Heels broadcaster Jonathan Coachman was also mocked by Rock for casting Eugene to star in their comedy moments story.

5 Defeat Hulk Hogan with Montreal Screwjob Finish

WWE returned to the pit once again for a rematch between The Rock and Hulk Hogan nearly a year after their Wrestle Mania 18 classic. Things were different before No way out 2003 with Hogan playing his popular face character and Hollywood Rock showing that heel character for the first time.

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The controversial finish featured the Montreal Screwjob used again since the show was in Montreal. Rock took the win without Hogan submitting in a submission to upset the fans. The finish made some sense for the follow-up to Hogan’s feud with Vince McMahon, but it was still weird to see.

4 Help Maven defeat The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Maven had a mini program that is remembered for the epic Royal Rumble moment. Tough Enough Season 1 winner Maven scored a huge achievement for a rookie by knocking out Undertaker from the Rumble.

It’s often forgotten that Undertaker and Maven had a singles match on SmackDown with an all-time big upset. Maven pinned Undertaker to win the Hardcore Championship due to outside interference from The Rock wanting to make Undertaker fans laugh.

3 Admitting he was wrong about the 2000 Royal Rumble ending at the big show

The Rock making a surprise comeback in 2016, he interacted with several WWE talents backstage. Heels like Rusev and Lana were mocked by Rock using his classic slurs to get a positive reaction from the audience.

Big Show wasn’t a heel anymore, which made it weirder and even funnier when Rock made fun of him. Rock referenced their controversy Royal Rumble 2000 end the game admitting he was wrong. Big Show smashed a laptop in a humorous and frustrating moment when Rock claimed he received his acting roles by wrongly winning that match.

2 Host the Diva Search Pie Eating Contest

WWE had regrettable segments for the Diva Search competition as they viewed it as a huge project for their future. A number of future female superstars were signed because of this concept, but the Diva Search herself was crazy at times.

The Rock lost a comeback when WWE wanted him to host one of these segments. A pie contest played into old Rock jokes with the contestants trying to eat seductively. The Diva Search never worked out the way WWE intended due to weird moments like this.

1 Returning to WWE to insult Steve Austin on his way out

Steve Austin leaving WWE in 2002 was one of the most shocking stories in company history. WWE had stopped booking Austin as the mega-star he was in previous years, but he was still an iconic name refusing to show up.

Vince McMahon insulted Austin for weeks with various wrestlers calling him a quitter and saying he took his ball and went home. The Rock even came back one night while filming a movie only to poke fun at Austin and use the phrase “get out the F” since the WWF was changing its name to WWE.