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Artist Spotlight: Dominic Fike is a jack-of-all-trades, inside and outside the music industry


Many know Dominic Fike as Elliot, the rebellious newcomer to the hit HBO series Euphoria, but his story is quite interesting, even before Fike acquired his infamous facial tattoos. Not only an actor but also a musician, Fike has showcased his drive and passion as a performer over the past few years since the release of his remarkable EP of Forget Me Not Demos in 2018.

Unlike other artists, Dominic Fike had a difficult upbringing, according to a profile of the artist and actor of Complex. With absent and drug-addicted parents, the artist had to depend on other people, first of all his childhood friend Max. Constantly moving from his older brother’s house to the homes of distant relatives, Fike found solace making music and skateboarding with friends.

The first glimpse of his musical abilities began when he was 10 years old, buying a guitar and playing nonstop. A few years later, in a guesthouse of one of the friends of Fike’s brother, the interpreter was introduced to freestyle rap. His first rap song “Not A Word” was uploaded to YouTube soon after, but is now non-existent. However, this song was his gateway into the rap genre.

Over time, Fike and his friends formed the sub-group Lame Boys ENT, expanding their reach to notable music festivals like Rolling Loud and South by Southwest Festival in 2015. The group even started receiving articles in local Florida publications.

In 2017, Fike officially entered the music scene while serving time in Collier County Jail in his hometown of Naples, Florida after being charged with police battery. He had a strong presence on SoundCloud, where his 2018 EP was originally released, as an independent artist. Terribly, Forget Me Not Demos was recorded while Fike was under house arrest, two months prior to his incarceration.

Fike’s EP went viral after its debut day on October 16 and as a result caught the attention of many major music labels and he eventually signed a deal with Columbia Records after its release the following April, so- saying $4 million. OK. DJ Khaled even shouted to the singer on his Instagram story, with a photo of the EP cover in full screen.

Soon Fike’s most popular track ‘3 Nights’ gained traction and was infused into official iTunes playlists and new music summaries, including BBC Radio 1’s ‘Best New Pop’ list. The track came as a surprise to many of her followers, especially due to its chill beachy pop sound. Controversially, this allowed Fike to break into the mainstream, meeting artists and influencers like BROCKHAMPTON frontman Kevin Abstract and Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

Luckily, Fike hasn’t let his new rise to fame blind his sense of creativity or his secretive, bad-boy-esque persona. Barely two years later, his first studio album What could go wrong was Fike’s deep dive into the alternative-indie genre. Songs like “Come Here” and “Chicken Tenders” showcased Fike’s magic touch on the guitar and his knack for perfecting the tight vocal sound that many artists want to master.

After his debut in 2020, many opportunities presented themselves to Fike. First, he received his own interlude called “Dominic’s Interlude” on Halsey’s Maniacal. He later got another feature on a rendition of Paul McCartney’s “The Kiss of Venus” which dropped in 2021 after the Beatles frontman had been an avid fan of his music since his debut. Still, it was a pleasant surprise when news broke that the singer would be playing a new character in season two of Euphoria.

How did it happen exactly? You may be wondering. Initially, Fike auditioned for a different role reading a scene from Mark Wahlberg boogie nights during the first season cast and was eventually called back for season two after a larger role was written for his character Elliot. In an interview with men’s health, Fike says Elliot “reminds him of his youth” and because of that, it wasn’t a difficult task to play his role.

Since his acting debut, the singer has received rave reviews for playing a drug-addicted high school punk with frosty tips. If there’s one thing Fike has proven over his career, it’s that he’s a force to be reckoned with, on and off screen.


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