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Events I really missed attending in 2021


Prize of the Federation of Quebec and Meta Writers, and Benefit Cocktail of the Atwater Library

Through Byron Toben

December 29, 2021

Thinking back to 2021, with its intermittent COVID restrictions, there were a few live annual events that I really missed being able to attend.

Prize-giving evening of the Federation of Quebec writers

the Quebec Writers Federation (QDF) was founded in 1998 by a merger of QSPELL and FEWQ and continued the celebration of the annual awards for authors of published books, which has grown considerably. Most of the ceremonies took place in the atmosphere Cabaret Lion d’Or and, for a few years, in the cave Crown Theater.

For 2021, he returned to a streaming session at Lion D’Or called Masquerade November 24, hosted by Sean michaels, with prizes of $ 3,000 each awarded in six categories. Playwright, introduced in 2018 by my silent prayer and Gabriel Safdieactive promotion of, was not a category in 2021. In addition to monetary awards, there were two recognition awards. A brief summary of the winners follows below:

Non-fiction by Mavis Gallant and First book from Concordia University prizes were awarded to the double winner Samir Shaheen-Hussain for Fighting for a Land to Keep: Confronting Medical Colonialism Against Indigenous Children in Canada, published by McGill-Queens University Press.

the Paragraphe Bookstore Fiction Prize went to Michel Iossel for Love like water, love like fire, published by Belle-Vue Literary Press.

For 2021, he returned to a streaming session at Lion D’Or called Maskerade on November 24, hosted by Sean Michaels…

the Cole Foundation Translation Prize went to Sarah henzi for his translation into English from French by Artane Kapesh‘s I’m a bloody savage: what have you done for my country?, published by Wilfred Laurier University Press

the AM Klein Poetry Prize went to Sarah venart for her I am the big heart, published by Brick Books.

the Janet Savage Blanford Memorial Prize for Literature for Children and Young Adults went to Monique Polak for her Room for one more, published by Kal-Ben Publishing.

The non-monetary recognition pupils were:

Judy Mappin Community Awards both H. Nigel Thomas (encourage students, etc.) and Richard king (50 years of book promotion, etc.)

The winner of QWF Academic Writers Award, drawn from the five English CEGEPs, was Julian Burton-Nadon for his A parade of fishermen.

Finally, a Carte Blanche prize of $ 100 for submissions to the QWF newsletter was awarded to Noa padawer blatt for his Things.

The META Award 2017 for Best PACT Production went to Angélique – Image: Andrée Lanthier

Montreal English Theater Awards Evening

the Montreal English Theater Prize (META) coincidentally now has the same acronym as the new holding company as Facebook (in its case, short for Metaverse.) that it was in our META transferring its 9th annual awards night on November 21 into a game show meta combination and of increased intelligence, I don’t know.

“… In the end, no 2021 selection was made, just an announcement that they were canceled, naturally, due to the constraints of attending live theater during the pandemic.

I’m sure the events committee of this peer group organization has devoted a lot of hard work and imagination to trying to overcome the restrictions on Mr. COVID, but the result of this Not-a-ceremony for non-techies, fumbled with my desktop PC to no avail, and cursed the need to become an avatar to see who the winners were.

i am not an avatar and while I could become one, in the end no 2021 selection was made, just an announcement that they were canceled, naturally, due to the constraints of attending live theater during the pandemic.

So I left to lament the fate of this glamorous event, which I have covered at the spectacular Rialto Theater for most of its years, and then at the Historic National Monument for the past two years. I was the only reviewer, to my knowledge, to point this out as an event in itself rather than just listing the results. Ah, well, those days are gone with the crowd mixing the energy generated.

Lynn Verge, Mary Ann Lacey and Byron Toben

Left to Right – Lynn Verge, Executive Director of the Atwater Library, Mary Ann Lacey and Byron Toben in conversation at the 2017 Atwater Library Benefit Cocktail – Image: Courtesy of Atwater Library

Atwater Library Benefit Cocktail

Westmount is fortunate to have two libraries – the Westmount Library, in the heart of the city, and the Atwater Library and Computer Center on the eastern border of the city with Montreal.

Successor to the Mechanics Institute of 1828 and now housed in its 1920 building (a designated historic site), its limited government funding is largely supplemented by private donations. A key event to encourage was the annual fundraising cocktail party, which I was delighted to attend until it was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due, yes, to this old devil COVID-19. Besides the silent auctions of various dining, travel, artwork, shawls, and hockey tickets, there were original cartoon designs by Terry mosher a.k.a Aislin. I’ve outbid many times for these, but I was lucky enough to get one from Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A free Dunn’s smoked meat buffet gave me an almost vegetarian chance to binge on this treat once a year. Frequent guests included the former mayor of Westmount Pierre Trent, suburban journalist Pierre Albert Sevigny and hockey legend Bob gainey.

“Atwater Library Executive Director Lynn Verge has managed to achieve these benefits with her few paid volunteers and her many dedicated volunteers, with great poise. “

Media personalities like Denis trudeau and Mutsumi Takahashi hosted and presented the winner of the evening while the Concordia Dave turnerthe cool jazz trio of provided background music like Autumn leaves.

General Manager of the Atwater Library Lynn verge has managed to reap these benefits with its few employees and many dedicated volunteers, with a lot of poise.

Ditch the variant viruses and let these pleasant respites return!

Featured Image: Atwater Library Benefit Cocktail Guests browsing the 2017 silent auction, by Matthew Perrin
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