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Fozzy’s Chris Jericho: ‘Rock and roll has always been the music world’s kind of red-headed stepson’


During an appearance on last Monday’s (April 4) episode of SiriusXMit’s “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”, FOZZY wrestling leader and superstar Chris Jericho talked about the popular notion that producers of Grammy Awards “hate” rock, as evidenced by the fact that they continue to disrespect the heavy metal genre by not including it in the televised portion of the event.

“It’s always been like that, man,” Chris said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “Rock and roll has always been kind of the redheaded son-in-law of the music world. And that’s how it is. Unless there’s a GUNS N’ ROSES or one METALLIC in 1991 it gets a huge worldwide push, rock and roll is still sort of in the background. We know that; we always knew that.”

Requested by host Eddie Trunk if there are any “new young bands on the horizon” that he says “could bring rock back to the forefront” that the genre had in the 1980s, Chris said, “Well, now you’re getting into the business side of things. Are there any bands that could do that? Of course they are. If you look at THE BARSor if you look GRETA [VAN FLEET]or you look at some of these types of groups – DIRTY HONEY and HALESTORM — where you mentioned FOZZY, a good rock and roll band. But you have to have the industry behind you. And that’s what I mean by GUNS N’ ROSES Where METALLIC in ’91. These groups were always great, but it was the industry that supported them, the decision makers that supported them. And you know how it works. And until the next rock band is considered like that, I don’t think you’ll see rock in the foreground.

“I don’t think it’s worth getting upset about because we know the arenas are always full, rock and roll is alive and kicking, and we should not worry about what Grammys think or what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [thinks]. Who cares anyway? It’s like Chuck D. said, ‘We don’t care if I won a monster’ grammys?’ I think most bands feel that.”

In 2018, AVENGED SEVENFOLD notoriously missed attending that year Grammy Awards despite being nominated in the ‘Best Rock Song’ category. At the time, AVENGE singer Mr. Shadows said in a text message to Trunk that even if this decision was “not really a protest in itself” against the grammys organizers, he and his bandmates were less than thrilled that “Best Rock Song” was added to the non-televised categories during the performance-heavy show. “Fuck ’em,” the singer said. Mr. Shadows added that the rock genre gets “zero respect” from grammys organizers. “I mean, how marginalized is rock when the ‘Rock Song’ of the Year can’t be two minutes?” he said.

In a December 2017 interview with the WRIF station, Mr. Shadows says that “the whole point” of being nominated for a grammys is that “you want to be noticed by people and seen on TV. It helps everyone when bands can get bigger,” he said.

Another person who has publicly expressed contempt for the Grammy Awards East NOOSE leader Corey Taylor. In a 2016 interview, Corey said he didn’t have “time” for the Grammy Awards, explaining that the annual show was nothing more than a “popularity contest” among aging music industry insiders, many of whom have long been unaware of hard rock and heavy metal. He said, “To me, the true reflection of where you are is [performing live], and that’s all. To walk on that stage and see a massive audience going crazy – that’s what it’s all about. You can carry these statuettes all day; I do not care. It’s cool to win, but I won’t die if we don’t win grammysyou know.”

Although NOOSE is nominated for ten Grammy Awardshe only won one – winning the “Best Metal Performance” gong in 2006 with the single “Before I forget”.

During a 2014 appearance on the nerdist podcast, taylor challenged the Grammys and their voting process, saying, “Older people vote [on those awards]. I’m convinced that’s the reason we won, it’s because an old person went, ‘NOOSE! I read a magazine article about them. They went that way. Here is. Take it. The kids are going to be really happy. ‘Cause you look at it, and you’re like fuckin’ JUDAS PRIEST won one for a live version of a song they released 40 years ago, and the live version was released 20 years before that. And they only reissued it because of a box set. And they gave it to them? I’m, like, ‘What the fuck?’ “

He went on to say, “It doesn’t mean anything. I mean, it’s like trying to hit a fucking needle with another needle. You’ve got a metal category, you’ve got a basic rock category, and you have bands like AMUSING earn it. And I’m like, ‘Really? Show me on the doll where AMUSING is a rock band.'”