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Gwen Stefani once said she fell in love with a star at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame



Many celebrities have inducted someone into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame over the years. Gwen Stefani inducted a group into the Hall of Fame and revealed that she was in love with one of its members during her induction speech. Here is the personal anecdote she shared.

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Gwen Stefani said she was “terrified” of a member of a band she inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Before being a global pop star, Stefani was a rock star in the group No Doubt. No Doubt has made music in several genres and they have become particularly famous for combining elements of rock and Caribbean music. In that regard, they weren’t all that different from the popular 1970s / 1980s band The Police.

Fittingly, Stefani inducted the police into the Hall of Fame. During her speech, she revealed that The Police were one of her favorite bands. She said they were the first group to attend a “big concert” – and she even briefly met Sting. However, their interaction was not completely positive.

“Because my dad worked for Yamaha motorcycles, he got us backstage passes,” Stefani recalls. “Yamaha was doing a special promotion for The Police, and they were shooting this poster. And even when I was 13, I was aware of the band’s reputation for brawling, and that Sting was a little scary.

Gwen Stefani at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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“All of a sudden, Sting gets off on one of the motorcycles and my dad says, ‘Hurry up! You have to go get his autograph, ”Stefani added. “I’m terrified, but I’m running after him. I was this 13-year-old chubby little girl from the Orange County suburbs. I was in love with him.

Why Gwen Stefani’s experience with Sting wasn’t perfect

Stefani’s experience with Sting, however, was not exceptional. “He wasn’t even looking at me!” she said. “He was totally cranky. He didn’t want to sign my poster, but he didn’t impress me too much.

Eventually, Sting apologized for his actions. “When I met Sting years later, I told him this story, and he said, ‘Oh man, I was so dumb back then,'” she continued. “But he’s such a great guy.”

Other links between No Doubt and The Police in addition to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony

Subsequently, Sting took the stage. Stefani kissed her. She stood behind him as he gave his acceptance speech.

Members of the police giving speeches at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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The links between The Police and No Doubt extend beyond that night. Billboard reports that the bands performed a version of The Police’s “Message in a Bottle” at the Super Bowl in 2003. They performed the same cover again at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City in 2014. While the initial experience of Stefani with Sting was not very positive, she will be there later to present him with one of the highest accolades in the world of rock’n’roll.

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