Happy Mihalidaze: Talking for Trees and Toddlers at the Bearsville Theater


The Bearsville Theater in Woodstock hosted on December 11 Mihali, singer and songwriter known for his work with Vermont’s Twiddle, as part of NYS Music’s Jam for Tots series. A captivated and captivated crowd filled the space in Bearsville, eager to celebrate the Mihalidaze.

Mihali’s solo project incorporates loops and layers connecting to the lyrics in a mysterious, yet energetically powerful way. The use of everything from beatbox to bass is juxtaposed with the sheer vulnerability of a single voice and guitar. The result is a calming connection between the members of the crowd, with each other, with the scene, the environment in which this music is experienced.


Mihali’s experience at the Bearsville Theater was different from watching home broadcasts over the past year or so. The gorgeous circular wooden backdrop featuring a logo with a mushroom shaped similar to the artist’s Santa hat glowed and pulsed in different colors throughout the show. The backdrop felt like something like “an all-natural organic forest”, but with a bit of magic. The right kind. The kind with pretty woodland creatures and the occasional talking fern.


The hardwood of the Bearsville theater would hide over 100 speakers in the ceiling of the old listening room. The way the music balances out so perfectly in every corner of the room continued to reinforce the idea of ​​a certain type of presence of universal connection and speechless communication going on that night. Encapsulated in wood, light and sound at the same time, there was a transfer of unspoken energy reflecting a certain type of phenomenon.

The transfer of energy between the green glowworm necklaces worn by many attendees seemed to balance the warm salmon-pink glow of the sort of perfect number of chandeliers smiling from above.


Emily’s spinning Poi LED seemed to have a more dominant pastel tone than the bright colors that are prevalent at many up-all-night festivals. The string lights necklaces even seemed muted when mixed with the color surrounding the hardwood musical cocoon of a venue.


The complementary nature seemed to continue into the colors of the clothes. The particular shade and tone chosen by fans made this young reindeer look almost tawny. Whether it was boots or shirts, jackets or skirts… there was no denying the amount of earth tones to dance to that night.

It was like an honor to be admitted into someone’s home or studio during a time of universal struggle to recognize something familiar. Mihali’s intimacy in the way he communicates his music hasn’t changed from home to office and has provided the perfect celebration during the holiday season.

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