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Here’s what you can do after dark in the Canadian city


When it comes to nightlife in Canada, Montreal is believed to have the best, but Quebec City offers some amazing options.

Quebec, Canada at night

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When it comes to nightlife in Canada, Montreal is believed to have the best, but Quebec City has some amazing options to satisfy anyone in the mood for late night fun. From chic hotel lounges and laid-back pubs to lively nightclubs and several alternative hangouts, there’s plenty to do in Quebec City after dark.

In winter the clubs are lively, operating mainly on Wednesdays. But when temperatures start to warm up, nightlife hotspots become busier than ever, staying open every night until 3:00 a.m. Want to explore Quebec’s nightlife? This is what you can do after dark in a Canadian city.


Live music scene in Quebec

Some visitors spend their nights at a local bar, pub or restaurant for the chance to listen to live music. Visiting music venues in Quebec gives travelers a chance to mingle with locals and feel part of the city.

Quebec is full of brilliant concert halls that travelers who love traditional folk music wouldn’t want to miss.

  • St. Alexander: Here vacationers can visit any night of the week for amazing shows. The pub also has a nice selection of drinks and a few bites.
  • Saint Patrick: St. Patrick’s is a pub playing live music from Thursday to Saturday, as well as an extensive menu of food and drink to choose from.
  • Pepe George: This is the place to go if you’re in the mood for live jazz and blues, Thursday through Sunday. The vibe is incredibly relaxing and fun at the same time.
  • The Piazza: Boasting a friendly staff, this live music venue entertains throughout the week.

Bar scene in Quebec

Travelers will find all types of bars in this Canadian city and are bound to satisfy their needs. Whether they’re in the mood for cocktails, catching a live concert, or laughing at jokes at a comedy club, the city offers plenty of fun activities to get vacationers through the nights.

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Each neighborhood has a unique selection of bars. Wherever one chooses to stay, they will always be closer to a craft beer, live music or a unique cocktail waiting for you.

Some of the best bars in town include:

  • Barbery: This bar has been in operation for several years and is a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike for house brews.
  • Stainless Steel Bar: The bar offers a wide range of drinks, and holidaymakers can sit in its main dining room, which has high ceilings. You can also sit at the metal bar or on its adorable outdoor terrace.
  • MacFly Bar Arcade: Opened in 2014 as the first arcade bar in Quebec, MacFly Bar Arcade offers an incredible collection of vintage arcades and pinball machines.

Clubbing in Quebec

Quebec’s clubbing scene may not be as vibrant as other nightlife destinations, but it has its own share of fun late-night clubs where travelers can dance the night away and sip cocktails.

Most of the clubs in town are equipped with dance floors, so vacationers can definitely try out their dance moves and learn more from other partygoers.

The clubs play a variety of music and offer endless entertainment options, from karaoke to DJs playing house music to different adult-friendly late-night games. Many clubs in the city start to come alive from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

  • Dagobert: This is one of the most popular dance spots in Quebec, with three floors, two dance floors and one for shows. The club is spacious, but never crowded enough to make visitors uncomfortable.
  • The Drag: This club offers a variety of entertainment options including karaoke, drag shows, and more. Every traveler will find the club interesting.

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Tips for enjoying the best of Quebec nightlife

  • Travelers should embrace new neighborhoods across the city, rather than sticking to Old Quebec (which is better for daytime visits). There are plenty of nightlife spots to consider in other neighborhoods, and they’re just as good as those in Old Quebec.
  • Tipping is a culture in restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and taxis. Travelers should have change (usually 10% of the bill).
  • If you are visiting Quebec in the winter, bring enough layers to survive the harsh cold. When you go out, lie down accordingly to avoid catching cold.
  • Bars operate differently in Quebec, but the most common closing time is 3 a.m. Some bars allow travelers to stay longer, not after 4:00 a.m., but they do not serve drinks after 3:00 a.m.
  • Take advantage of happy hours. To save money or stay on a budget, visit clubs that offer happy hours, where drinks are offered at cheaper prices, sometimes with free bites.

Whatever the traveler’s interests, these bars, pubs and clubs guarantee an unforgettable nightlife experience.

With several entertainment options and activities to do after dark in Quebec City, going out at night is definitely worth it.