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Hernán Cattaneo, the Argentinian DJ who makes the whole world dance


Hernan Cattaneo started the road to success as a DJ with his residency in the famous Buenos Aires nightclub, Clubland, where he already delighted people who were going to stroll with a very personal style of music: a melodic and deep progressive which is his trademark to this day. The impeccable musical selection coupled with the perfect mixes has caught the attention of other big names in the industry.

We are talking about Paul Oakenfold, Sacha Yes John digweed, who supported Hernán and was very important in the qualitative leap of the DJ career of this Argentinian who had little idea what he was going to have to live in his professional life. Major electronic music festivals have welcomed him with open arms. Examples? Creamfields, Tomorrowland, Burning Man and one that surely has a special place in your heart: the local Lunar park.

Cattaneo represents Argentina in the world of electronic music

Audiences around the world celebrated Hernán, who was ranked No.6 on the DJ Mag, a historical fact if we take into account the fact that the first places in this ranking are reserved for DJs who play the most music. “commercial”. The truth is Teacher continued to captivate with his “Melodic progress”, sometimes dark, sometimes moved, but always with direct contact to the heart of the listener.

Cattaneo has his radio show in which he enjoys playing music “New” and where he supports artists who develop a style like his. Resident It has been on the air for years and Hernán is very proud of the show, he even went so far as to say that the world of radio appeals to him a lot when he thinks of retirement and gives up the sets for good.

Another company of Hernán is his label in which he supports many artists of the electronic genre: South blow. In this way, he is in constant touch with the global community and promotes an essential platform that allows new stars to shine and shine with the support of a number one who is constantly watching how to evolve.

More than 30 years as a DJ, 11 albums, 30 singles and 50 remixes are part of the legacy of this man who represents Argentina in the global dance community and who has been chosen by the biggest house labels: Rock base, Perfecto, Renaissance Yes Balance. Hernan Cattaneo, Teacher, came to play in the Colon Theater on a historic day for electronic music. Surely this talented “Artist of the trays” will continue to stand out in an ever-changing scene.

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