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How Jack Black Persuade Led Zeppelin To Use ‘Immigrant Song’ In ‘School Of Rock’


Jack Black is known to be a rock and roll lover, so it makes sense that he’s a huge Led Zeppelin fan. Black wanted to use “Immigrant Song” in school of rock, but the band were known to be stingy about others using their music. Black got permission from Led Zeppelin but not before essentially begging the legendary band.

Led Zeppelin was notorious for not granting the rights to use their music

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Led Zeppelin has many iconic songs that many movies and TV shows want to use. The group was notoriously strict about others using their music, but they have become more loose in recent years. Examples of their music in pop culture can be heard in popular movies like Thor: Ragnarok, almost known, The fighterand Argo.

One of the best uses of a Led Zeppelin song is in Wayne’s World. Wayne, played by Mike Myers, walks into a guitar shop and starts playing “Stairway to Heaven”. However, a clerk stops him and points to a sign that reads “NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN”. The song is a classic, but a lot of people are trying to perfect it themselves on guitar.

Jack Black made a video pleading with Led Zeppelin to allow him to use “Immigrant Song” in “School of Rock”

In school of rock, Jack Black plays a substitute teacher who gets his students to form a band and teaches them rock and roll. Directed by Richard Linklater, the film features Black in his zone as he takes on classic rock stars. One scene features him with his students playing “Immigrant song” in his van. The scene is amazing and Black relishes the opportunity to shout Robert Plant’s signature scream.

However, Black and Linklater had to get permission from Led Zeppelin to use “Immigrant Song” in school of rock. According Cracked.com, they couldn’t afford it, so they tried an alternative method. Black made a video with a large crowd, practically begging the band to allow the film to use their song.

In the video, Black appears on stage dressed as his character in front of a crowd. The kung fu panda the actor had the crowd recite “Lords of rock, Led Zeppelin! Thank us for your mighty love. beg”.

‘School of Rock’ ended up being a smash hit

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Fortunately for all participants, school of rock was a huge success, both at the box office and with critics and audiences. The film grossed $131 million worldwide on a budget of $35 million. Since its release in 2005, a Broadway musical adaptation debuted in 2015 and a TV show developed for Nickelodeon premiered in 2016.

Led Zeppelin has also become less restrictive with its own content. The “Immigrant Song” has been used many times outside of school of rock. He figured prominently in Thor: Ragnarokleading to a surge in popularity for the band and the song itself.

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