Home Music Industry Lamont Harris, the founder of HCMG, presents an instant way to finance at home.

Lamont Harris, the founder of HCMG, presents an instant way to finance at home.


Harris Capital Mortgage Group offers simple home financing ideas and makes family dreams come true one loan at a time.

Lamont Harris, the founder of HCMG, presents an ultimate way to home financing by Harris Capital Mortgage Group. The company works exceptionally to meet the desires of its customers because the company understands the value of each customer and their personal stories. The company owner is expanding its operations to different other states like Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, and Louisiana in December 2022.

Lamont Harris founded the company that the real world mortgage process mimics a sequential building system. The company allows its clients to work with a small group that is built for the client’s specific loan needs. HCMG has also expanded its operations to Houston, TX with a brand new state-of-the-art office that incorporates amenities like a state-of-the-art fitness center and on-property daycare.

Harris Capital Mortgage Group not only works in real estate financing and helps develop a dream family home, but the company also focuses on financial education and betterment awareness for minorities and veterans in communities. . The owner works and intends to serve communities through mortgage training or financial education by creating opportunities to increase property in underserved areas and grow, adding 200 loan officers during of the 4th quarter of 2022 alone.

Harris and HCMG intend to expand local outreach projects and are recently working on a new FLAG project, which is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for young people and adults in local communities. FLAG stands for Financial Literacy Awareness Group, the group that provides different seminars and local outreach to elementary through high school students and has now expanded to colleges. FLAG, particularly focuses on raising awareness of the values ​​and principles of home ownership as well as the “How to” for everything related to the world of finance. It allows young people and adults to understand the principles of buying a home and to understand credit scores and the importance of balancing financial records as well. Mr. Harris believes that servitude spawned gratitude and that gratitude creates opportunity.

Lamont Harris has further cultivated partnerships with the Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce and has also formed strategic alliances with professional and collegiate sports teams to provide financial and mortgage education to professional athletes and students.

Inclusive plus, on November 4, 2022, Lamont Harris announced that in 2023 Harris Capital Mortgage Group will be focusing on over 270 community events that will also focus on home education, training and financial literacy.

About Harris Capital Mortgage Group:

Harris Capital Mortgage Group is a company founded by Lmaonnt Harris in October 2019. The company started small but now has 70 employees in 8 states and continues to grow. HCMG has specialist residential mortgage exchanges like purchase, refinance or reverse mortgages. The company offers tailored loans to meet customers’ financial needs and help them through the application process.



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