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Loan call alert: 6,000 cyber fraud cases this year | Gurgaon News

GURUGRAM: The city recorded 5,248 cyber fraud cases between January and May this year, which is an increase of 18% from the 4,446 cases recorded during the same period last year, data from GURUGRAM revealed. the police.
At 838, April 2022 saw the lowest number of cases. January saw the highest, 1,200 cases, February saw 1,130 cases, March 1,080 and May 1,000.
Police have recorded an average of 1,049 cyber fraud cases per month so far this year. Last year, police recorded an average of 890 such cases per month in the first five months of the year.
This year, the highest number of cases are related to online banking and debit card fraud, with an average of 420 cases per month. The second highest is online cheating/fraud, with an average of 250 cases per month. Each month also saw 30 online and telephone threats on average. The rest of the cases include online harassment and other attacks.
“Online bank and debit card fraud accounts for a third of the total number of cases. It’s frantic, and we mostly get complaints in the same area. Cheating and fraud on the Internet are also gaining in importance. This is mostly happening through fake social media accounts and links, ACP (cyber crime) Indiveer said.
However, a new type of cyber fraud worries the police. Fraud through instant loan applications is all the rage at Gurugram. Fraudsters lure people in the name of providing instant loans and gain access to their personal data, which they then misuse to extort money.
“A person in a financial emergency relies on these loan applications to get money. They provide their bank documents, access to contacts, photos, etc., without a second thought because they are in a hurry These applications take advantage of this vulnerability on the client’s side and harass them by transforming their photos or calling people from their contact list to extort money.Once a person is trapped, it becomes difficult to escape. to this vicious circle because of social stigma, said SHO (cybercrime) Bijender Kumar.
Police said they were working on awareness programs and visiting schools and colleges to give lessons on cyber fraud, but the rise in crime is a sign of concern.
“We visit colleges and schools to make young people aware of new fraudster techniques so that they don’t fall into a trap. We also run sensitization campaigns every month,” SHO Kumar said.