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Mumbai police take accused fraud loan application on remand | Bhubaneswar News


BHUBANESWAR: Three men, who were arrested by the economic crimes section (EOW) of the State Crime Directorate for executing questionable loan applications in connivance with some Chinese nationals and deceiving several people in Odisha, were remanded in custody by Mumbai police for questioning.
Mumbai police have taken Nitin Mallik, who was arrested on July 15 in Delhi, into pre-trial detention for 15 days. Mallik was the director of Jumpstart Business Services Pvt Ltda front company set up to operate an illegal lending app, called Gold Credit.
The other two defendants – Rakshith and Sushanth – who were from Karnataka were remanded in custody for 12 days by Mumbai police. The duo were arrested in Bhubaneswar on June 10 for illegally running a loan app called Koko.
The Immigration Bureau recently issued lookouts against a Chinese national in connection with the Koko loan application fraud and three other Chinese citizens in the Kredit Gold case.
Lending apps, which are still active on Google Play Store, tricked victims by offering small loans instantly without any verification.
Many people, who downloaded the apps, were asked to repay double or triple the amounts of the loans or else the debt collectors would send abusive and vulgar messages to the victims.
When the victims downloaded the loaner apps, the scammers gained access to their contacts and started sending them obscene messages and photos calling the loanees rapists.
Their intention was to pressure and humiliate the loanees in front of their acquaintances into agreeing to pay the extortion money.
“We sensitized people not to download such apps that offer instant loans. Google should immediately remove the apps upon realizing the seriousness of these frauds and the alleged involvement of some Chinese nationals behind them, Deputy Inspector General (EOW) JN Pankaj said.


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