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Musician’s Network to Host Spring Music Festival – Tech


Technology is home to engineers, programmers and other scientists, but in halls known for mathematics and technology is a historically significant and culturally rich system of independent music creators.

The Musician’s Network has operated at the Institute for more than three decades and continues to grow, despite the challenges of COVID-19, declining notoriety over the years and an uncertain future for the organization’s headquarters, known like Under the sofa.

However, the main members of the Musician’s Network stood up on occasion, planning a steady stream of successful musical events to bring to the student body and other community members.

“We are no strangers to organizing music festivals,” said second-year NEUR Kian Kermani. “Since 2014, we’ve hosted Couchella every fall semester, which is a similarly scaled one-day music festival. 1000 Couches was born because we canceled Couchella in the fall of 2020 due to COVID-19 and wanted to have a festival later in the spring.

The second annual 1000 Couches will take place on Saturday, April 2 from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at the Peters Parking Deck. The music festival will feature 11 bands, including seven from within the Tech community.

“It’s going to be a lot of different types of music ranging from punk and metal to indie and pop and even some electronic acts,” said fourth-year EE Josh Rubin.

“Our goal was to feature a wide variety of bands and musicians around Tech, and I think we managed to get a pretty diverse lineup of bands from Tech with a few of around the Atlanta area.

The intent of the event is for students to enjoy on-campus performances during the stressful weeks that until the final exams.

“We pride ourselves on being a student-run club capable of providing live music to students on campus as well as Atlanta as a whole, Kermani said.

“Having a one-day music festival at the end of the semester gives students a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy free live music just a few minutes from their dorms.

Kermani, who currently serves as the organization’s president, has a strong admiration for the Musician’s Network’s unique DIY spirit.

This appreciation began in high school when Kermani would travel an hour to Atlanta to see shows at Under the Couch, the former home of Musician’s Network that was more recently located in the student center now demolished.

“During the day, people were at Under the Couch studying, chatting with friends and practice music,” he said.

“There really was no other place on campus with the same feeling. During the night,

Under the sofa became the music venue known throughout Atlanta as a DIY hub and rising music. Under the couch was not only an important part of campus culture, it was also an Atlanta musical landmark.

Under the Couch will not be housed in the new student center, leaving an uncertain future for the organization.

Hanna Goldfarb, fourth-year ME, served as club president from 2020-2022 and witnessed firsthand the direct effects of the removal of the Musician’s Network space.

“The biggest problem we’ve faced is apart from the lack of practice space, people aren’t just ‘coming up’ on us anymore,” Goldfarb said.

“Without Under the Couch right in the student center, people don’t realize we have this amazing space and music community on campus. So we do festivals like 1000 Couches to try to spread our music and show people that there is a creative music space on campus.

Despite these circumstances, Musician’s Network continued to hold events through WREK 91.1 FM, Tech’s student radio.

WREK has shared its space with Musician’s Network since the removal of Under the Couch, and even with limited space, the community has made the most of the resources available, including successful weekly gigs and open mic nights.

“Our open mics last year were more successful than ever, and for many weeks the whole room will be filled with students,” Kermani said.

“I think it really speaks to the do-it-yourself spirit that’s ingrained in the club, because even in a office building without a raised platform, we created our own stage, lights and sound, and people still care.

With a local essence and unwavering perseverance, the band is determined to keep bringing live, local music to the Tech community.

“We have our widely acclaimed open mics every week, town hall meetings, publicity meetings, sound meetings and our indoor shows almost every week,” said Mir Jeffres, third-year major of MUST.

“One of my favorite shows we do every semester is our New Artists Showcase. It’s a combination of contest, concert and party. We have bands and solo artists who haven’t played a big hit yet. concert sign up to play, and the winners get headlining a Musician’s Network show. Many historic tech-based bands started as a result of these shows, and many are actually play 1000 Diapers.

For more information on how to get involved with Musician’s Network or details regarding upcoming events, visit their Instagram at @gtmusiciansnetwork.