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Naples and Everglades City music festivals November 6-8 promise fun



There’s a milestone weekend ahead: indie music from Florida on Saturday, November 6, and an eclectic gospel-led concert on Sunday, November 7.

The profits from the two days are donated to good causes and make people smile. Bring your sunscreen and a snack at the Everglades City Music Festival on Saturday. So get ready to sing along with the “Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs” concert at Covenant Presbyterian Church on Sunday:

Everglades Music Festival

The music of the clapping, stomping and singing variety will send vibrations through the village to help restore its historic bank building.

The 1927 pilaster block building was the county bank when Everglades City served as the county seat. But after Hurricane Donna in 1960, when the government moved to Naples, its business was gone. New lives as a spa and pension haven’t taken, and hurricane-propelled floodwaters have left it in need of a major overhaul.

Historical contextCollier County’s first bank is donated to the Preservation Society; its content will be offered at a clearance sale

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When the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation received the building, it rose to the challenge. To house both the historic society and the boutique, they are determined to restore it to its original glory.

Musicians from Florida volunteer their time to help out at the concert.

Favorite local and regional artists such as J Robert Houghtaling, Cottondale Swamp, Raiford Starke, Val Wisecracker & Zip Robertson, The Florida Boys and Marie Nofsinger will entertain for the afternoon, and the occasional audience participation is a no-brainer. The program includes songs that reflect Florida life such as “Mangrove Music” and “Eye to Eye”.

To help fund the auction, works by local artists will be offered for sale.

Everglades City comes together to support its citizens, and music is their best weapon. Marya Repko (an organizer and representative of the Historical Society) said they held a music festival in January 2015 for Smallwood Store to raise money to help them in their fight against the developers digging its way. They were able to stop the digging and they hope that this effort will be successful.

Unfortunately, the bank is not open for visits as it is currently the subject of exploratory work.

Repko said some interior walls had been opened so that we could see the contents. If you can see the original structure, you will be able to see how the windows and other elements have changed.

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However, the nearby Everglades Museum, which houses remains of life from the rugged region, is still open. The unique environment can be explored by those with admission cuffs. If the Rod & Gun Club’s hot dogs and full bar aren’t enough, you can grab a lunch break at one of Everglades City’s three seafood restaurants. You can also walk into the smallwood store.

A reserved seat will be assigned to you and a chair will be waiting for you. You can bring your own seats or use the ones provided. You can find more information at the end of the story.

Gospel choir rehearsing for the upcoming Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs concert on November 7th.

Psalms and hymns. Spiritual songs

William Barnett, the man behind the “Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs” concert on Sunday, November 7 and the charity he supports, felt like he was coming home when he began to rehearse his gospel choir .

The New York native once led a community youth choir that has grown from 25 to nearly 300 children, so he’s more than happy that his adult choir for next Sunday already has more than 90 children.

He said, “This is something that has been close to my heart for quite some time.” The concert, at the Covenant Church in Naples, features a wide range of music, and among them are favorites such as “Amazing Grace”, one of the choir’s selections.

You will find some favorite classics like the Meditation of “Thaïs” with David Mastrangelo (second principal violin, Naples Philharmonic); more music by Kevin Mauldin (principal bassist, Naples Philharmonic); and brilliant tunes from a local brass quartet. Amy Bright, jazz singer singing “Blessed Assurance”, an arrangement by Gladys Knight.

Jeffrey Faux, Acting Director of the Naples Philharmonic Chorus, will conduct guests and concert pianist Tamra Richardt is on the program. Some “stories behind the song” will be offered by Robert Petterson, retired senior pastor of Covenant Church and author / motivational speaker who wrote “A Year’s Book of Amazing Stories: 365 Days of Seeing the Hand of God in unlikely places ”.

Storytellers Creative Arts is a non-profit organization that offers therapeutic arts and will provide commentary. He serves various groups such as Crossroads Recovery Therapy at the David Lawrence Center, a veterans arts group, Youth Haven, Lighthouse for the Blind and more. This emphasis on the visual arts will be reinforced by the sculpture by Ken Vitor, which will be on display for the event.

Barnett said that while the event is completely free, registration is strongly encouraged. However, the organizer hopes that participants will support Storytellers Creative Arts in its mission. Bennett said he found the concert to operate on its own, with singers happy to have social contact and vocal expression for the first time in at least a year and a half after the pandemic.

He said, “It has been a healing process in itself. “

Harriet Howard Heithaus is a reporter for Naples Daily News / naplesnews.com. It covers entertainment and the arts. Call her at 239-213-6091.

Here’s what to do: Everglades Music Festival will help restore historic village bank building

Or: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday November 6

Or: Lawn at Rod & Gun Club 200 Broadway, Everglades City

Admission: $ 40 full car; $ 20 bicycle or pedestrian; $ 50 for a reserved seat, available on saveBOE.com or call 239-695-2905; donations are also accepted online

Here’s what to do: Concert of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to support storytellers Organization of the creative arts

Or: 7 p.m. Sunday, November 7

Or: Alliance Church of Naples, 6926 Trail Blvd., Naples

Admission:All donations accepted, online or at the event.

Register nowscanaples.org

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