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New rock musical SUPERYOU will make its UK debut this weekend


The new rock musical SUPERYOU with book, music and lyrics by Heavy Street, will make its UK debut on the main stage of Musical Con, the West End’s first-ever musical theater fan convention, on Saturday 22 October at noon at EXCEL London. The performance comes ahead of a musical comedy workshop to be held in London in November with presentations in December.

Vicki Manser (SIX), Renée Lamb (SIX), Tom Francis (and Juliette) and Nathalie Green (Les Miserables) will perform alongside the creator Heavy Street in the presentation at Musical Con with casting for upcoming workshops.

SUPERYOU is a female-led musical, celebrating the journey of a comic artist who learns to love herself and find her voice when her own superhero creations come to life. With rock music at its core, the score also incorporates many different styles of music, including pop, hip hop, swing, gospel, and anthemic ballads.

Originally slated to open off-Broadway in May 2020, SUPERYOU later became the first theatrical show to perform live safely during the pandemic via concerts on pickup trucks at an upstate New York drive-in. where it garnered a lot of attention both nationally and internationally. The concerts were filmed and broadcast as a documentary on Broadway on Demand and extended three times due to overwhelming demand. The musical’s TikTok account has over 21 million views to date worldwide and the demos concept album recorded by Heavy Street developed a substantial cult following. #FANCOVERFRIDAY was created in response to fans around the world recording and releasing their own versions of the songs. Due to its online success, SUPERYOU presented two sold-out concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York in July 2022.

SUPERYOU has direction and choreography by JoAnn M. Hunter, musical direction and co-arrangements by Wendy Bobbitt Cavett. It is produced by All Awesome LLC / Melissa M. Jones.

The concept album can be heard here.

Website: www.superyoumusical.com