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Payability Expands Services to E-Commerce Markets, Including Walmart, Jet.com, and Tophatter; Launches instant advance financing to further support seller growth



Instead of bank loans that are based on personal credit scores, a seller can qualify for the Instant Payability Advance based on their market sales history and performance metrics. Unlike traditional loans which charge prepayment penalties, if Payability collects the total future receivables earlier than expected, the seller will receive a prepayment rebate. In addition, there are no origination fees, administration fees or interest applied to an instant advance. Working seamlessly with other financing options, Payability Instant Advance is a simple, fast and transparent way for businesses to get the lump sum capital they need to buy more inventory, launch new products, negotiate better deals from suppliers and take advantage of one-off shopping opportunities.

“At Payability, we aim to support the growth of our customers as we can, both today and as they grow in the future. With the launch of Instant Advance and additional markets, we are in able to not only offer significant growth opportunities to our sellers, but also give them access to financing options that span their market channels in addition to Amazon, ”said Keith smith, CEO of Payability. “Tophatter shares our mission of supporting seller growth, which is why we are particularly excited about our partnership with the rapidly growing e-commerce marketplace and advancing payments to their sellers.”

“Over the past few years, our discovery buying platform has grown tremendously, said Sree Menon, Head of Strategy and Global Business Operations at Tophatter. “Businesses can move their inventory very quickly to Tophatter. Thus, when trying to meet demand, they may encounter capital constraints that can slow their growth. By partnering with Payability to offer its smart financing options, our salespeople can make more strategic business decisions, faster. Because at the end of the day, their success is our success. “

While Amazon accounts for nearly 44% of e-commerce in the United States, top-performing sellers know they need to be active in multiple markets to reach more consumers and stay competitive. By giving sellers access to advanced receivables in multiple markets, Payability responds to this new demand and gives sellers more opportunities to proactively invest in inventory and growth.

The addition of Instant Advance is a complement to Payability’s flagship product, Instant Access, which offers sellers daily next-day payments on marketplaces that typically hold funds for 2-4 weeks. Payability customers who sell on multiple marketplaces like Amazon and Tophatter get daily payments for sales from multiple marketplaces instead of just one. And with the help of the Payability Dashboard, they save time by not juggling payment dates and can easily track all sales in multiple markets.

To learn more about Payability, Instant Advance and how it supports multiple markets, visit www.payability.com.

About the payability
Payability gives ecommerce sellers quick access to the revenue they’ve already earned in ecommerce marketplaces including Amazon, Newegg, Tophatter, Walmart and Jet.com. Fast, simple and flexible, Payability customers receive the capital they need to reinvest in inventory, generate more sales, and grow their business faster.

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