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Quebec City’s UPON YOUR GRAVE Announce Gold & Decay EP; Single broadcast


Upon Your Grave is a death metal band from Quebec City, Canada that tells nasty stories to hard, fast and infectious music. They joined forces with heavyweight producer Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy to ensure this offering delivers nothing but brutality. Lead single “Supremacy” is an ode to things coming back to normal, people getting back on stage, people going back to the pit.

Singer Jordan Jolicoeur explains in more detail:

“This song symbolizes the death and rebirth of live performances caused by the pandemic. Shine a glimmer of light that attracts us to reunite us and prepare the return to music that unites us: a united pack. It’s fast and efficient with an awesome chorus that we love. It’s an energetic song that really shines live and one of the first songs we’ve created since we raised the band from the dead. This can cause big headbangs.

Over the course of five sub-twenty-minute tracks, songwriter/lead guitarist Sim Diamond (Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal Season 1 Finalist) cuts to the chase with a whirlwind of nasty riffs he later conspires with Jolicoeur to add the lyrics and the rest of the band fleshes out an impressive aggressive death metal golem.

Upon Your Grave reunited in 2009 and released their debut single “Haunting Of The Beast” in 2011, since then they’ve come a long way since they were just five teenagers, jamming in the garage of their parents wanting to start their own band and create songs. They wanted to live their dream, create a rock metal band, play gigs, party, record albums and do everything like their favorites do. They continually poured energy and passion into the group, emerging with musical flair and chemistry, evident on “Gold & Decay.”

A total running time of 18 minutes offers an intense, succinct drum set of explosive beats that will grip the listener and refuse to let go. The record was mixed and mastered by Donaldson and the EP cover art was done by Meike Hakkaart. Decapitated, Lamb Of God and Daath fans are recommended to listen.

Gold & Decay releases October 7.

Track list:

“From Beyond”

“Supremacy” video:

(Photo – Etienne Dionne / Silent drummer)