Review: Second musical festival at the wheel


[Written by Dale Butler]

The second driving music festival was held on Thursday, December 16 at The Heartbeat of Hamilton by Atlantic Publishing House, outside the historic Hubie’s Nightclub, which met an untimely death in 2010. Veteran saxophonists Miles “Trane” Manders and Keith Lee performed a wide selection of Christmas carols to an audience seated at the rules of the Covid.

The special guest was June Caisey, the Empress of Song, who has performed at all hotels in Bermuda and abroad.

The two performers were then joined by your servant on alto sax. Based on the positive feedback from drivers and the appreciative public, it looks like a similar performance will take place next year.

Mr. Manders, who established himself as resident artist at Jardins Roslaie, having started:

Musicians delight residents and friends of Angle Street Bermuda December 2021 (2)

Mr Manders is currently finishing “The 10 Heartbeat Wonders of Hamilton” and a giant 16-foot surprise drawing to recognize Lord Necktie – all of which will be unveiled in March 2022 during the official opening of Clarence Hill Sports Arena.

With restaurant reviews featured on the area and a committee of BEDC and residents leading the renaissance of the Court Street area, 2022 promises to lay an even stronger foundation for the area and best regards to all who work. hard to make it a first class area for sightseeing and shopping.

Musicians delight residents and friends of Angle Street Bermuda December 2021 (3)

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