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Rewind to relax! How HT City Unwind became India’s biggest food and music festival


With powerful musical performances from the country’s biggest popstars, including Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jass Manak, Nucleya, Sunanda Sharma and Rashmeet Kaur, and a host of culinary delights, the very first edition of HT City Unwind was truly one of greatest gastronomic and musical events. festival in the country!

“It was crazy to perform in front of such an amazing crowd. Delhi is my home and I love playing at home, said Yo YO Honey Singh, just minutes after her performance on the third and final day of this epic festival.

“It was amazing to host the city to relax with culinary entertainment and rain. I have never encountered such an experience with the Delhi crowd, Ravin Kundu, who was one of the three presenters, told us on the sidelines of the festival.

MobiKwik Presents HT City Unwind was a three-day festival, which took place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi last week. In association with HT City’s dedicated food handle on Instagram, HT City Foodies, the fun event saw popular restaurants and brands bring the very best in culinary delights.

With the best chefs in the country, including Kunal Kapur, Saby, Harpal Singh Sokhi, Dayashankar, Nishant Choubey and Varun Inamdar, have organized cooking classes, giving valuable tips and tricks, while creating some of the wackiest food products, HT City Unwind has become essential. appointment for all gourmands.

“Loved being a part of India’s biggest food and music festival, HT City Unwind and sharing some cool recipes and tips and tricks for creating some of the most popular dishes,” shared her enthusiasm with us. .

“Absolutely thrilled to be cooking in my city at one of Delhi’s premier food and music festivals – HT City Unwind. Looking forward to giving you a taste of Gourmet Casual!” Chief Tarun Sibal told us.

“I had a lot of fun at HT City Unwind, and it was a one-of-a-kind food and music festival. I loved sharing tips and tricks related to the dish I made, and I loved talking to people who were curious about making the best food,” says Chef Saby, who was one of nine master chefs who took part in the Slurrp masterchef cook out.

Even the rain gods joined in the fun on the second and last day of the festival. Despite a heavy downpour early in the morning, the second day of India’s biggest food and music festival, came to a close, and saw powerful musical performances from a wide range of artists, a chat session interactive with Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu, all in the pouring rain.

“I’m so excited to perform in Delhi in front of such a big crowd. It was epic. I’ve always loved performing in Delhi, and this one was special because it’s a show at the biggest festival in food and music from India, HT City Unwind,” Manak told us, just minutes after his jaw-dropping performance, which saw the crowd asking for an encore!

Despite the pouring rain, Dilliwals showed up in numbers, gorging on some of India’s and the world’s finest culinary delights under a large metaphorical roof, proving it was a memorable three-day weekend!

Good food only got better with good music, and from EDM, technoi to rock and Punjabi pop music, a host of high octane performances from some of the biggest stars country music, set the stage on fire on the last day of the festival.

Several rock bands and DJs, including Salman and Zaman, Swarrveda, Parashara, Rocknaama and Sumit Sethi made the festival lineup more musical!

DJ Lucku and DJ Nicky, who were present for the three days, also captivated the audience with their groovy and upbeat music. “It was amazing to play in front of a fabulous crowd who came despite the rain. The energy was crazy, and frankly I didn’t want it to stop,” laughs DJ Lucky, telling us about his experience at the three-day festival.