Scorpions tease music video for upcoming single, “Rock Believer”


SCORPIO shared a teaser for the official music video for their upcoming single, “Rock believer”. The full track will be released on Thursday, January 13 at 7:00 a.m. PT / 10:00 a.m.ET, with the clip to follow on January 18. The cover of the single was designed by Klaus Voormann and can be found below.

“Rock believer” is the title song of SCORPIO’19th studio album, due out February 25.

Two months ago, SCORPIO released the official music video for “Rock believer”the first single from, “Peacemaker”. Track includes music courtesy of the guitarist Rudolf Schenker and bassist Pawel maciwoda and words of the singer Klaus Meine.

Asked in a recent interview with Chile Radio Futuro what fans can expect to hear “Rock believer”, Meine said, “Well you can expect an album dedicated to all the rock believers in the world. And we’re very excited after all these years. We’ve been thinking, when you think about all the tours we’ve been on in the last 10 years, after the release of “Back forever” in 2015, it was time to go back to the studio, write new tracks, write new songs, and see if creativity still works. The big goal was, the goal was to make a rock album – to make an album with a lot of attitude and power and focus on the good old days and really enjoying the music and having fun with the music. And that feels really good. “

Speaking of the “Rock believer” album title, SCORPIO guitarist Rudolf Schenker said, “Look, we’ve been in the world for 50 years or more. And when someone can say he’s a rock believer, then that’s us. And of course we meet our rock believers in front. us, our audience.

“So many people have said rock is dead. not dead, “he continued.” It always comes back – sometimes, okay, louder [or] less loud – but in the end it’s great to play all over the world in over 80 countries we’ve played so far, and all who believe in rock. It was always great to share the music with them together and to relate to them. I mean, it’s so amazing and fantastic, that we’re very happy to release a new album. And yes, let’s see what happens. “

Ask if “Peacemaker” is representative of “Rock believer” in general, Klaus said, “It’s an uptempo rock song, and this album is really rock. There are heavy songs on the album, like when you think of “Chinese White” and “Animal magnetism”, there is one track on the disc that is really in the best sense of those songs. There are many uptempo songs out there, and believe it or not, there are songs that are even faster than ‘Peacemaker’. [Laughs] There is also a very nice ballad on the album, and I’m sure there are some fans who particularly like the SCORPIO ballads, and they will also greatly appreciate this record. ‘Peacemaker’ is the aperitif of what the album is. It rocks.”

“Rock believer” was recorded mainly at Peppermint Park Studios in Hanover, Germany and was mixed with the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany with engineer Michel ilbert, who won several Grammy nominations for his mixing work with the producer Max Martin on the albums of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

“The album was written and recorded in the SCORPIO DNA with nucleus Schenker/Meine compositions , declared Klaus. “We recorded the album as a live band in a room, like we did in the 80s.”

SCORPIOnew album will mark their first release since 2017 “Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads”, which was an anthology of new and classic material.

SCORPIO originally planned to record the new album in Los Angeles with the producer Greg Fidelman, whose previous credits include NOOSE and METALLIC. However, due to the pandemic, some of the initial work was done with Gregory remotely, after which SCORPIO chose to conduct the recordings themselves with the help of their engineer Hans-Martin Buff.

Meine said previously Talk about metal that the purpose with the use Fidelman produce “Rock believer” was to bring “the old vibe of albums like ‘Blackout’, ‘Thunderbolt’ or even ‘Lovedrive’. We try to focus on those albums and that attitude, “he said.” If we get there, who knows, it’s so many years later. But it’s the spirit and the whole atmosphere around this album. This time the emphasis is on the harder songs. “

According to Meine, SCORPIO‘the new LP features “no outside writer at all”, unlike that of 2015 “Back forever”, which was largely co-written by the producers of the album, Mikaël Nord Andersson and Martin hansen.

SCORPIO will launch them “Rock believer” world tour in March in Las Vegas where the group will give nine shows as part of their residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Then, they will cross the Atlantic to Europe where they will give six concerts in France and six shows in Germany supported by Wolfgang van halenthe new group Mammoth WVH.

SCORPIO‘the last complete collection of new recordings was the aforementioned “Back forever”, including in part songs the band had in the ’80s vault. It was the last recorded appearance of SCORPIOlongtime drummer James kottak, who was fired from the group in September 2016. He has since been replaced by Mikkey dee, formerly of MOTÖRHEAD.

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