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Speak Up: Dover’s Firefly Music Festival Skipping 2023


Firefly Music Festival officials have announced that they will not be holding the four-day music event in 2023. A video of this year’s Firefly on their website is accompanied by a message that reads, “We will cherish these moments until we get together. After 10 magical years of Firefly in the Woodlands, we’ve decided to take a year off to recharge our luminaries. We will see you in 2024!

  • Makes me sad. Without this festival, I would never have seen three of my favorite bands/artists in concert, and all of them may very well never tour again. Even though I don’t like the kind of music at a festival, I wouldn’t want it to go away. Music brings people together, and everyone deserves to see their favorite band live. — Samantha Short
  • I read it was due to low attendance, but they are looking at returning in 2024. I’m not worried except that it conflicts with an event in Newark that I’m volunteering for. Our event still had a lot of people. —Lasa Kathleen Nixon
  • Working for a marketing company that works closely with AEG, I’ve been hearing rumors of the venue change for two years now. —David Simonson
  • Jumped the shark. —Marc Stephens
  • They have already been closed during COVID-19. It was a huge break! I think they haven’t made the money they had in the past, and people want it to be June, and they can’t book bands. — The Tishia Reed Murray
  • I hope they will make a big comeback. The queues aren’t as good as they used to be. —Kristyn Piper
  • Do not come back. —David Hosier
  • The first five years were great, but everything that followed was not the same. I made good family memories there, but I think that may have run its course. —Shannon Walsh
  • Drunk and disorderly people! —Debora Tomczak Goff
  • Obviously. This is the case for all festivals. —Shannon Walsh
  • How about a country festival? —Cindy Christiansen
  • Like Big Barrel, minus the rain. —Ann Heidrick