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NEW BRITAIN – The New Britain Museum of American Art kicked off a two-part concert series on Sunday as part of an ongoing celebration of concept and city-native artist Sol LeWitt.

Counterpoint and Line in Art and Music: Sol LeWitt and the Interaction of Forms – the first of two shows – filled the NBMAA’s Stanley Works Center.

NBMAA Director of Operations Jeffrey Mainville, who also manages the museum’s music programs, offered the crowd a glimpse into LeWitt’s youth in New Britain.

“He grew up on Cedar Street,” Mainville said.

The NBMAA was honored to host the artist’s very first exhibition in 1949 and has the largest collection of LeWitt’s work to date.

In addition to Sunday’s concert, the museum hosted guided tours, curatorial discussions, and printmaking workshops in conjunction with the LeWitt exhibit, on display from September 18 to January 18. 9, 2022.

“This is one of many exhibition-related events designed to accompany our current exhibition, ‘Strict Beauty: Sol LeWitt Prints,’ Mainville explained.

Sunday’s performer, The West Eng String Quartet, was introduced by American composer and musicologist Neely Bruce.

“This will be their first public performance after the pandemic,” Bruce said of the quartet, which performed excerpts from The Art of the Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach.

LeWitt had many musician friends and his work inspired composers, including Bruce. He organized a collection of thousands of cassettes, which he listened to while creating art, but also during his daily reading sessions.

“Sol LeWitt was constantly listening to music,” Bruce said. “We know more about the musical tastes of Sol LeWitt than any other artist who has ever lived. ”

His favorite composer was Bach, whose music includes much of the NBMAA concert series.

The second part of the series takes place on Sunday January 9, 2022. Pianist Neely Bruce will perform Bach’s Aria, with Italian-style variations; four friendly fugues by Bruce; and four preludes and well-tempered keyboard fugues, book one, by Bach.

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