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UK Music has released a major new survey that reveals the crucial role music has played in helping people navigate Covid-19 blockages – and how audiences crave the return of live music.

In the largest investigation of its kind since Covid-19 forced the shutdown of large parts of the music industry in March 2020, the main findings of the large poll revealed:

57% of adults said music helped them cope with the lockdown

About a million adults say they took an instrument during the lockdown

71% think music makes them more productive at work / school

British music commissioned the Public First pollsters for the UK public representative survey to find out their feelings about the importance of music during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The survey shows how music became even more important to millions of people during times of lockdown and helped them during the isolation imposed by Covid.

The results also reveal how eager audiences are to return to live music and believe music makes them more productive at work and helps them cope with stress and anxiety.

The impact of music on mental health during confinement:

57% of adults say music helped them cope during the lockdown – compared with just 14% who disagreed

59% of respondents say music has helped their health and well-being – compared with only 11% who disagreed

31% say they turn to music when they feel anxious and 56% listen to music to improve their mood or when they feel depressed

42% say they listened to more music during confinement

About a million adults say they took an instrument during the lockdown

74% say music is important to their quality of life – with 39% saying the importance has increased in the past year

26% say listening to music is their favorite pastime – right after watching TV (42%) – and long before watching movies (18%) and playing video games (15%)

71% think music makes them more productive at work / school

The Importance of Live Music and Venues for the Nation:

Despite Covid-19, 43% of the public is interested in going to a live concert, concert or festival this year

Two-thirds (66%) said they plan to attend as many or even more concerts than before the Covid-19 hit

Among 18-24 year olds, 38% say going to a music festival or concert is one of the things they look forward to the most

Almost half of the public (45%) are concerned about the financial viability of their local concert halls due to the impact of Covid-19

The results are a boost to the UK music industry, which has been devastated by the continued impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector contributed £ 5.8 billion to the UK economy before Covid-19 and supports around 200,000 jobs.

UK Music Managing Director Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said: “These results demonstrate how important music is to our nation and the critical role it has played during this pandemic. Music has been vital not only in helping the public cope with the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and improving mental health and well-being, but also in making people more productive while they work.

“Combined with the huge economic contribution the music industry made before Covid-19, this is further proof that the UK music industry is a key national asset that should be protected and supported by the government With the right support, music can continue to play a vital role in improving the health and well-being of people in the months to come as we seek to recover from this pandemic.

These results show how important music is to our nation

Jamie Njoku Goodwin

He added, “People are clearly missing out on going to festivals, concerts and concerts and are eagerly awaiting the return of live music without social distancing. While the announcement of an end to restrictions from July 19 was very welcome, there remains one final crucial piece to the puzzle: action on insurance.

“Suggestions that restrictions could be reintroduced later this year create huge risk for event planners, and the inability to obtain commercial insurance means that many live events have already been canceled this year.

“Many more are still at risk of being canceled, so we need the government to put in place an insurance plan that allows organizers to plan events with confidence until the fall and beyond.

“The music industry is expected to play a key role in our country’s economic and cultural recovery, and audiences have a huge appetite for festivals and live events – but without a government-backed insurance plan, there is a very real risk that the events will continue to occur. be canceled.

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