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Ukrainian live sector begins helping war-torn civilians


People working at Ukrainian venues, festivals and promoters would help refugees, provide meals for troops and help fight misinformation.

Faine Misto, a festival that traditionally takes place in August, raises funds for the country’s Ministry of Defense. Its website also directs visitors to contacts for shelters, medical care and other essential services.

Veronika Grass said IQ the organizers also participate in the “information war”.

“There is a lot of fake news about the real situation in Ukraine, so we find fake news, send reports and make sure the world knows the truth,” she said.

The organizers are also contacting foreign groups who have already performed at the festival, asking them to share information and links to official funds.

Another festival, Respublica – a free international art and music event – ​​also turns its attention to arming the country’s military against Russian invasion.

A spokesperson said IQ the organization tries to create any support to help fighters, migrants and refugees.

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“We weave nets for the territorial defense of the city and search for ammunition for our guys in the armed forces and TRO, provide humanitarian aid and Molotov cocktails, they said.

The organization is also one of many trying to help residents displaced by war.

The UN estimates that more than one million civilians have fled the country completely, while another 160,000 are internally displaced.

Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, an NGO education and concert platform for contemporary classical music, asked its network if it would welcome people in need. A spokesperson said artists in Austria, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey and Italy had said yes.

The Les Kurbas theater has been transformed into a refugee center with camp beds and a bomb shelter.

Arena Lviv, normally a stadium with a capacity of 34,000, has also opened a coordination center to help migrants and refugees.

The venue would also have its catering team who cook for the nation’s troops. He is said to have delivered more than 5,000 dinners to the frontline in five days.

Arena Lviv manager Olga Manko said the venue will continue to help the country’s citizens as they believe in “our country’s victory”.

“The entire staff and management of Arena Lviv are working tirelessly, doing everything possible and impossible to provide the highest degree of comfort to all resettlers and refugees, and as a result become volunteers themselves. “

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