Home Street musicians Usiloquy Dance Design launches its new production “Philadholphia” at the Finge Arts Theater

Usiloquy Dance Design launches its new production “Philadholphia” at the Finge Arts Theater


It fits perfectly! “Philadholphia” features a dance performance called chaat. Explain what the cat is?

Dadiala: Chaat is something I originally choreographed in 2008-2009. The idea was chaat, this street food, has so many complexities. Then we have this powerful medium, the centuries-old dance style that we keep alive. I wanted to choreograph something that reflects the elements, the individual elements that make up a chaat dish: the flavors, the textures, how they are distinct – but also how they come together harmoniously at the end to make a perfect dish.

“Philadholphia” also features a musical performance by Rini, a musician from New Jersey who mixes her Carnatic music with Western influences. So how did this collaboration with Rini come about?

Dadiala: I had the pleasure of being part of a small intimate concert where Rini was playing. Rini grew up in a very different part of India from mine. She grew up in Chennai, so the language she speaks is very different. Yet it occurred to me that she was doing with Carnatic classical music, which again is a very distinct and regimented style of music, she was doing with what I’ve been doing with bharatanatyam all these years . She wants her culture and musical traditions to be seen for what they are. At the same time, she wants to go the extra mile not to alienate various audiences. And push the music, also that this music can do different things. It can. It doesn’t need to be set in stone. I told Rini that the public in Philadelphia was very interested and invested in different art forms. They want to know more. They want to experiment. They want to investigate. And, you must be seen here with your fellow musicians and I’m so glad she said yes.

New Jersey-based musician, Rini. (Courtesy Rini)