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Waiting for fixed hours, the news of Arcade Fire


After a nearly three-year wait, approximately 100,000 people from around the world gathered at the iconic Empire Polo Club grounds for Coachella Weekend 1, throwing off the burden of pandemic-related restrictions.

Now is the time to do it all again for weekend 2.

Come back here to discover the sights, sounds, special guests and magical moments that make Coachella one of the most anticipated music festivals in the world.

Waiting for weekend 2 schedules, news on Arcade Fire

Those looking to plan their Weekend 2 festival experience have plenty of information at their disposal to start doing so. The final pieces of the puzzle will come together when Goldenvoice announces fixed times. Yes, the schedules for weekend 2 will basically be the same as weekend 1, but the festival organizers have been known to make some adjustments…and who knows? It could mean you get to see two of your favorite artists when it wouldn’t have been possible on weekend 1. It’s also unclear if Arcade Fire will be back with its “surprise” Friday night set.

Plan your weekend: When will the Fixed Times for Weekend 2 drop? Will Arcade Fire return?

We tested some of the tastiest dishes of the festival

Food is expensive, yes, but there are mouth-watering food options to fuel your party. From mac and cheese to ice cream, check out our recommendations.

Delicacies: Fun and unique things to eat during the music festival

Was weekend 1 worth the wait?

Fans watch JID perform in the Sahara tent at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California on April 16, 2022.

A reporter from Desert Sun asked festival-goers towards the end of Weekend 1 if their expectations had been met after a long build-up that saw several lineup changes…including headliners. Their answers? Resolutely positive.

Great Expectations:Did Weekend 1 live up to the hype? Festival-goers say it was worth the wait

This is a developing story and will be updated throughout the weekend.