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Watch Mecha Mecha’s New Music Video ‘Grease The Hinges Part 1’



Dark independent rockers, Mecha’s latest take on Mecha is the epic “Grease The Hinges Part 1”, a track that cuts through rock art, progressive rock and gothic elements to create an expansive soundscape.

It’s like a fusion of Queen and Muse with an accompaniment of Royal Blood. Yet it still sounds uniquely Mecha Mecha, a guide to where the band is heading with their own artistic output.

The Brisbane trio – brothers Angelo (drums) and Walter (various instruments and singer) as well as Isaac Vincent (violin, harmonies) – even added a ventilation in the middle of the song which adds a touch of rock opera to the debates. , increasing emotional sensations in monumental portions. Freddie would be proud guys!

“I think this song is the same age as the band; it’s a nice amalgamation of all the contributions of the former band members and the team,” Walter said. “The list of credits for the number of people involved in the work on this track, I think, literally has 20 names.

“(Our producer) Tyson did an amazing synth job, and Isaac’s solo at the end is totally off balance, he really went there,” Walter adds.

After releasing the song earlier this month, scenestr is excited to present the music video for ‘Grease The Hinges Part 1’ today. Enjoy.

“We never wanted to be one of those bands that have ‘part one’ and ‘part two’ versions of songs, because we don’t write prog, but it just happened,” Angelo adds. about the creative process behind ‘Grease Les hnières part 1’.

“There were so many parts to that song; we took an entire section out of it and it just became another song, so expect the second part in the near future.”

When it came time to search for a location to film the clip, Mecha Mecha managed to find the perfect spot.

“Filmed in a warehouse that was previously a bicycle factory, and now a commune, the residents and locals were super generous, creative and helpful in facilitating this video with us,” the group said.

“There were artwork spread out all over the building: a spacesuit, a telescope, a goat, art blowing bubbles, and every room you walked into was like a pre-made set.

“It really was a music video director’s dream, and it was a lot of fun to do with Adrian Goleby from The Major Lift (then rhythm guitarist from Caligula’s Horse).

“We had a party the night of the first shoot and so the scene where Isaac is rowing a Gatorade is also legitimately a hangover cure!

“We have to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with this video and song, it was such a monolithic process.

“Janelle (warehouse owner), Adrian, Lauren, Tyson, Dani, Eden, Holly, Vinnie, Monica, Josefa, Brett, Debra, Dave, Alicia, Brock, Grunt, Viv, Rory, Ruben, Hayden, Christina, Amanda, Roachy, Omega, Beau and the tenants! ”



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