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World’s most remote music festival calls for volunteers


The world’s most remote music festival – this is how the Birdsville Big Red Bash from July 5-7 in outback Queensland is being called – is calling for volunteers.

“As with many major events in these changing times, circumstances can change quickly and some of our valued volunteers have had to pull out at the last minute,” explained Greg Donovan, Festival Owner and General Manager of Outback Music. FestivalGroup.

“That means we’re looking for additional manpower to help lighten the load.”

Donovan offers the perfect carrot for a live music fan.

“The Birdsville Big Red Bash is sold out, so volunteering is the perfect way to get an eleventh-hour ticket for those who may have missed out or want a spontaneous backcountry road trip, Donovan continued.

“In addition to going behind the scenes at one of the world’s most unique music festivals and seeing local legends like Barnsey and Missy Higgins, volunteers will be able to give back to regional communities at the same time.”

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Staged against the striking backdrop of the 40-meter-high Big Red sand dune, Big Red draws a crowd of around 10,000.

Each customer travels an average of 4,300 km.

The remote music festival suitable for dogs of all ages is accessible by road, as well as scheduled and charter flights.

Outback entertainment includes Desert Fashions competitions, dunny door painting, Outback Air Guitar Championships, sand dune surfing, sunrise yoga, camel rides, scenic flights by helicopter, outdoor cinema screenings and beach volleyball.

Last year, 400 people attended Bashville Drags to showcase their satin and lace costume designs.

Two new entries have been made for “The Australian Book of Records”.

It was 2,878 dancers to Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits” (breaking the record of 2,330 by 2,330, also at Big Red Bash) and 2,878 coming together for the Twist dance.

The remote music festival has raised $100,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s rural lifeline, including $46,000 through the ‘Nutbush’ workout.

Volunteer registration is now online and recruits must be 18 years of age or older.

Teams include road marshals, durability, general installation and packaging, merchandise and more.

According to the team, volunteer time commitments start from as little as 1 p.m.

Volunteers can nominate to complete their shift with friends and family, and based on a particular skill set or area of ​​interest.

The Big Red Bash does not sell alcohol. But ticket holders can bring their own food and alcohol to the festival site.

Additionally, there will be a wide array of food vendors selling hot and cold food and beverages at the event.

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